Our mission is to contribute for an improvement in the understanding of the CV system in health and disease through interdisciplinary research, to translate this knowledge into clinical practice in order to improve patients outcome, care and quality of life, and to develop a more robust organization, which is able to produce innovative research, and promote leadership in the training of the next generation of CV scientists, clinicians and allied health professionals. We are also committed to engage with the public, to offer services to patients, to be a source of advice for patient organizations and policy makers.

Our current strategy is to build in Portugal, within the CCUL, a tangible, mature and effective translational research platform on CV sciences based on outstanding clinical and basic science pillars and fully integrated into the FMUL wider research strategy and the national health service activities. For that our current strengths are a top highly skilled CV clinical academic and basic team in Portugal. In the clinical pillar research, internationally recognized experts have developed investigation to important areas such as: aorta, vascular diseases and atherothrombosis; hypertension, microvascular and endothelial function; autonomic function; heart failure, cardiomyopathies, cell regeneration; valve heart disease, cardiac rhythm diseases. The academic basic science group, with international recognized expertise in CV regulation in health and disease, has been devoted to integrated cardio-respiratory and cardio-urinary control, autonomic function, signal processing, nuclear and basic physics instrumentation, sensors and actuators, processes control and optimization, biomedical instrumentation and imaging, which is a key issue for CCUL growing national and internationally.

Our priorities for the next 6 years are to further develop and consolidate the collaboration between our clinical and basic sciences pillars, to expand CCUL expertise and innovation in technology and to create a Heart & Vascular Centre to incorporate CCUL in the European roadmap of research infrastructures (RIs). More than a research facility our direction is to provide high level services to patients, scientific community and general public in order to achieve financial auto-sustainability.

The CV centre has been running during the last years as a consolidated interdisciplinary network however our prime direction is to become a spotlight RI of scientific Excellence in European. With this strategy we will soon create the next-generation of CV research in Portugal.